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Power Star PRO

Power Star PRO
Saw sharpening machine with 5 CNC axis, among them 2 servo axis, for sharpening, re-toothing and chamfering of metal cutting saw blades with CBN-abrasive grinding (tooth profiles A, B, BW + C according to DIN 1840 standards), as well as special tooth shapes with saw metal diameter (40) 130-850 (920) mm.
Optional special teeth are available, e.g. for grinding of thin kerf metal cutting circular blades with a chip guide notch (TA blades) with a diameter of 250-500 mm and a pitch of 8-28 mm available, if with the saw blade a pitch tolerance of + - 0,1 mm is ensured.

Ideal for fully automatic maching of metal-cutting circular saws easily integrated in a multi-machine shop set-up.
Automatic grinding wheel insertion and chamfering of the saw blade.

Exhibitor: Vollmer Italia s.r.l

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